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Symptoms after a Car Accident

Symptoms Commonly Suffered after a Car Accident that Our Chiropractor Treats

Auto accident injuries can cause all sorts of injuries. A car crash can stress your musculoskeletal system. You might notice you have back or neck issues after the accident. The incident could lead to problems in other parts of your body, such as your arms or legs. Some of these issues warrant a trip to see our chiropractor in San Tan Valley, AZ for treatment.


Back Pain 

Back pain is one of the most common symptoms you'll experience after a car accident. This pain can be caused by spinal misalignments, soft tissue trauma like strained muscles or torn ligaments, or a number of other auto injuries. In some cases, auto accidents can cause nerve damage. This nerve damage is most often caused as the result of a herniated disc.  

Neck Pain 

Auto injuries commonly cause neck pain. Whiplash, an injury that occurs when your neck is forced forward and backward rapidly, is often caused by auto accidents. Whiplash may cause other symptoms beyond pain, such as neck stiffness, a limited range of motion, and headaches. You might also experience symptoms not directly related to your neck like memory problems, sleep disturbances, fatigue, irritability, difficulty concentrating, and depression.

Nerve-Related Symptoms 

If you have suffered trauma to your neck or back in an auto accident, you could develop nerve-related symptoms besides pain, such as numbness, weakness, or tingling. If you’ve suffered nerve damage in your lower back, you may experience these symptoms in your legs as well. Similarly, if your cervical spine is injured, you might have nerve-related symptoms in your arms. 

After an auto injury, you may experience a number of symptoms that relate to your musculoskeletal system. Sometimes, like with whiplash, the symptoms go beyond just pain and other symptoms at the location of the injury. Our chiropractor, serving San Tan Valley, Florence, and Queen Creek, AZ, can help by using natural, non-medicated relief methods. 

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