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Headaches after a Car Accident

Holistic Headache Treatment

A car accident can be incredibly stressful on your body, your emotions, and even your finances. It's no surprise that so many people struggle with headache symptoms after an incident in the road. While some headaches clear up on their own, our San Tan Valley and Queen Creek, AZ chiropractic staff encourages anyone to seek professional help if they experience aching, throbbing, or dull pain in the head and surrounding areas. 


Headaches Are Common after an Auto Accident

When you're driving along at any speed, your body is in motion, too. If your car suddenly stops, decelerates, accelerates, or changes directions during a car accident, then your head and neck can forcefully snap back and forth. This can lead significant tissue tension, strain, and inflammation in the muscles and nerves near the head and upper spine. Inside your head, your brain can even bounce against the front and back of your skull as it moves in its protective cushion of cerebrospinal fluid.

These physical forces, in addition to the emotional stress of a car crash, can lead to dull, throbbing, and aching pain in one or both sides of the head. A headache after an auto accident is often related to underlying conditions like whiplash and concussion, which may present with additional symptoms like neck pain and stiffness, mood and memory changes, difficulty sleeping, blurry vision, ringing in the ears, and jaw pain. 

It's important to know that headaches can develop after a car crash even if: 

  • The car crash was minor or involving low speeds
  • You don't lose consciousness
  • You initially feel "fine" for a few days or even a few weeks

How a Chiropractor Treats Auto Injuries (Including Headache)

You should always see a doctor if you experience loss of consciousness or severe headaches following a car crash. We also encourage you to connect with our San Tan Valley chiropractor staff. We can support you on the road to recovery by providing holistic, drug-free, and non-surgical treatments that can give you relief and heal underlying tissue damage and inflammation. 

Our services, including chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy, can provide short-term relief and may reduce your risk of long-term or recurring symptoms. Many of our patients experience significant headache relief in as little as one session!

For Chiropractic Care after a Car Accident, Call Ironwood Chiropractic

If you live near Florence, San Tan Valley, or Queen Creek, AZ and are struggling with headaches after a recent auto accident, contact Ironwood Chiropractic (480) 882-9105 to schedule an appointment with our auto injury chiropractor, Dr. Christopher Butler.

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