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  • Dr.
    Christopher Butler, D.C.

    Meet Dr. Christopher Butler, D.C. who has been around chiropractic care his whole life. At a young age he would head to his grandpa's and first thing he wanted to do was get adjusted. Now he is the one doing the adjusting whether it is an infant with colic, a toddler with an ear infection, high school athletes, a driver in a car accident, a worker with back pain or his 90 year old grandmother- he loves to help individuals, families and the community heal their body, mind and spirit.  He has completed countless hours of continuing education to always bring current knowledge and healing to the patients he works so hard to help.  He is certified with the American Academy of Motor Vehicle Injuries taking approximately 150 hours and passing a certification test to bring you expertise in car accident care.  Only after continued training did he realize what a lasting impact a prior car accident had not only on his health but in all aspects of his life.  Empathy and compassion coupled with knowledge and continued training enable him to lead the office and the patients we serve.  He lives right here in San Tan Valley with his family and plans to stay for many years to come!  

  • Dr.
    Kirk Duxbury, D.C.

    Dr. Kirk, Duxbury, D. C. has been serving the community at Ironwood Chiropractic since June of 2019.  A desire to help others heal led him to switching career and going to back to school.  He uses his knowledge and intuition to guide others on their healing journey answering questions about the body, mind and spirit.   He and his wife are busy raising their young family and enjoy traveling, learning, and activities together.  

  • Dr.
    Ron Berg, D.C.

    Dr. Ronald Berg, D.C. comes to Ironwood Chiropractic from a 20+ year career in California where he owned and operated his own practice.  Each time a new challenge has been presented in his career he has expanded his education and knowledge set to gain certification to help others heal in numerous modalities. We are blessed to have his care, expertise and wisdom on our team.  He stays busy outside of work serving the community through nutrition needs out of his home.  His wife has transferred her career here to Arizona as well blessing the lives of the children she teaches.  They love visits from their 6 children and look forward to many years here in Arizona.  

  • Janny /Owner
    Co-Owner/Office Manager/Chiropractic Assistant/Cranial Nerve Trained/Personal Injury Trained

    Janny grew up in Tempe and lives in Chandler.  She grew up playing sports, singing and always wanting to learn something new.  She graduated with magna cum laude with degree in Exercise Science from Arizona State University and then followed up with a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction.  Raising her four children is her first passion and now enjoys her new grandbabies!  Teaching Elementary PE is a 20 year career she will always cherish.  In 2014 her and Dr. Butler purchased Ironwood Chiropractic.  Guiding others on their road to healing is something that brings her so much joy.  Now she commutes out to San Tan to connect with this Ironwood Chiropractic family.  She has countless hours of continuing education to bring knowledge and experience to the patients she loves and cares for!  She is so grateful for this opportunity and knows that God gave her this second career.  

    Janny recently published her first book.  'Want More, Just Start - A Journey in Healing.  It is available on Amazon for $3.99. 

  • Judy S
    Chiropractic Assistant, Stretch Therapist

    Judy was a patient before she began working here.  She has years of experience in many fields to include certifications in CPO, Estetician, Medical
    Billing, Insurance agent, and Pharmacy Technician.  She is now a  Chiropractic Assistant and certified Stretch Therapist.  This is her new passion doing stretch therapy.  She loves working with our patients to guide them on their healing journey.  Thankfully she does not plan to retire any time soon!  She loves playing with her 2 Australian Sheppard's and enjoys home decorating as well as oil painting, and being outdoors.  

  • Adriana C
    Chiropractic Assistant, Massage Therarpist, LMT

    Adriana has been a massage therapist and chiropractic assistant for over 15 years.  In March of 2019 she brought her skills and talents to Ironwood Chiropractic.  Adriana smiling face and positive energy along with her talents and skills bring healing to patients she touches and helps.  She enjoys trips to Mexico to visit family.  She and her husband are busy raising three daughters with their youngest being a busy toddler!  

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