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Auto Accidents

After experiencing an car accident there are so many things to take care of and go through. Our office will support you in healing your body after the trauma it has experienced from the auto collision. Not only can we help with low back, neck, mid back pain but shoulder, knee, ankle, headaches, etc.  When you are in a motor vehicle collision your brain often hits your skull and you experience a concussion.  Our chiropractic office looks forward to the opportunity to help your body and brain to heal.  We treat your condition using chiropractic care, massage therapy, muscle stimulation, kinesiotape, x-rays and referral out for MRI, orthopedic consults to back, neck or extremity specialists, psychologists; being a gateway to resources needed to support you in healing. We believe in healing the body as well as helping with the emotional and mental trauma. An auto accident is a trauma and we will help your mind to deal with this trauma. We are here to support you and talk/walk you through your healing.  We have a network of experts to aid you in all areas you might need help.  We welcome the opportunity to serve you as part of our chiropractic family.

With COVID-19 many people have questions if we are treating patients.  Our office is essential for the health and well being of the community.  If you are in a car accident, coming to Ironwood Chiropractic first will not only get you the care you need but it will also lighten the load in the emergency rooms.  We are taking precautions to stay healthy and get your body on the road to healing.  We serve patient in Queen Creek, Gilbert and Chandler as well as San Tan Valley.  

We have the knowledge and experience to guide you.  We are here for you 24/7 to answer questions and help you in getting the nuts and bolts of your life back in order.  Please email us at an time at [email protected] as Janny is always monitoring this email personally! 

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